Figuière Famille Combard

Figuière is a 210-acre organic wine estate located in La Londe les Maures, between Marseille and Nice and with vineyards that lie only a few hundred metres from the Mediterranean Sea. Alain Combard purchased the property in 1992 after discovering its cool coastal climate and unique schist soils. “The schist in La Londe seduced my father,” says Alain’s daughter Magali, “schist and the sea make our style.” “There’s a five-degree difference in temperature from our vineyards to those of the interior,” says Magali, “the freshness and minerality found in our wines is very singular to the La Londe region.” The wines combine freshness and summer fruit notes with a complexity and salinity that makes them both satisfying and food friendly as well as approachable and thoroughly delicious. For over half a century, the Combard family has been handing down the winemaking tradition to its sons and daughters. Magali, Delphine and François took the helm of the winery from their father Alain Combard and are proudly carrying on his pioneering spirit. Blending heritage and innovation, Figuière is a traditional winery using time-honored methods that aspires to boldly and creatively cultivate a living legacy through novel winemaking techniques.The vineyard has the ideal growing conditions for exceptional wines: one of the sunniest places in France, perfect for ripening a dozen varieties typical of Provence like Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault red grapes and Vermentino white grapes;- the sea only a few yards down from the vineyard as the crow flies, which regulates the heat so plants start growing earlier in the spring, the night-time summer dew and harvests before the rain begins in the fall.

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