Domaine Pascal Bouchard

In 1979, Pascal and Joëlle Bouchard took succession of producer André Tremblay, father of Joëlle, a great local viticulture figure in the 1950s. André Tremblay, visionary grower acquired vines in the best areas of Chablis.At the beginning of the 1980s, Joëlle and Pascal planted new vines, located in the best sites possible. Today, there now exists an outstanding estate of 33 hectares covering the four appellations of Chablis. With the wine quality produced from the estate, Pascal and Joëlle had huge commercial successes which lead to demand outweighing supply. They therefore, decided to complete their own production with purchased "must" (grape juice) from local family growers.1995 saw a turning point in the family's history with the construction of a brand new, modern winery entirely dedicated to the production of quality wine making. The investment was high and somewhat daring but this was measured against the family's ambitions.Romain Bouchard began working with his parents in 2000, having completed his studies in commerce and gained valuable working experience with another wine distributor. Romain now covers all aspects at Pascal Bouchard whether it is in the vines, the winery or attending a particular wine fair abroad. He has committed himself to the respect for the vines and with his father, has made some ambitious choices both in the vineyard and winery.Today, his main aim: to achieve perfection from the vine to the bottle. All wine that carries the Pascal Bouchard signature carries these high standards and passion.

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