Happy International Women's Day 2022 #breakthebias


Gala Sofranac

Happy International Women's Day! This year we would like to give a big shout out to all the women who work at Jascots. The 2022 theme is #breakthebias and we believe that each one of the women at Jascots are breaking the glass ceiling within the wine industry.  Last year we recognised that the wine industry has long been a male dominated world, historically a hard nut to crack for a up-and-coming female wine professional. Which is why it’s so important to bring attention to the amazing women that work so hard to represent us. We’re taking over the industry one appellation at a time this year by sharing our favourite wines with you, see below to see what our team of talented and knowledgable women have chosen as their favourite wine at the moment!

Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead.
We know that bias exists, enough, action is needed to level the playing field.
Are you in? Will you actively call out gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping each time you see it?




La Rosee Pineau d'Aunis, Domaine Jean-Francois Merieau, Touraine, Loire Valley, France

Wine of bright pink colour with silver reflections that is also referred to as “œil de perdrix” or “partridge’s eye”. It is made from a historic Touraine variety Pineau d’Aunis that brings a refreshing mouthful, supported by a round structure and intensity of red and white fruit. 

The slightly spicy and white peppered finish is typical of this variety. Great on its own but also a first choice for spring and summer lunch with salads, white fish and terrines.



Marketing Manager

Dalfarras Nero d'Avola, Victoria, Australia

A new addition to our range, the Dalfrarras Nero D'Avalo is a young wine with lots of character and fruit. This native Italian grape variety is grown in the South of Australia in Victoria, by the Purbrick family. They're taking a modern approach to winemaking by making all their wines carbon neutral.

The beautiful labels are designed by Rosa Purbrick who brings the energy of the vines to the bottle, while her daughter Hayley, is the winemaker.

Lots of bright cherry flavours immediately fill this wine, the bright red forest berries and soft tannins, make it so easy to drink. Hints of bitter sweet liquorice and a slight spicy finish, this wine is just full of vibrancy and I absolutely love it!



Off Trade Manager

Mercurey Rouge Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Ninot, Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France

With Pinot Noir as my favourite red grape and Burgundy my go-to region, Domaine Ninot’s Mercurey Vieilles Vignes ticks all the boxes for me. Headed up by Erell Ninot, after taking over the reins from her father, she has well and truly placed the estate on the map of highly rated wineries in the Cote Chalonnaise. Mercurey is an up-and-coming appellation known for its fresh fruit-forward Pinot Noirs at relatively affordable prices. Bursting with bags of savoury red fruit this wine is an all-rounder; goes perfectly with lamb, venison, white fish or simply enjoyed on its own!




Key Account Manager

Alice Vieira de Sousa White, Douro, Portugal

Luisa and her sister Maria Vieira de Sousa are taking the Sousa winery to the next level. Now in the 5th generation of winemaking they have both restored the family’s elegant Port house and are also making BANGING wines.

The Alice white is a sensational blend of Rabigato, Viosinho and Gouveio; its zippy and perfect to rock into Spring.  I love these ladies and I love this wine!



Digital Marketing Executive

Mediterranée Rosé, IGP, Figuière, France

Quite light on the nose with hints of citrus and a hint of strawberry. A gorgeous provincial style rose, with smooth mouth feel and overall refreshing taste, not forgetting the truly Instagram worthy bottle. Would pair excellently with a view of the old town in Nice.  

The 210-acre Figuière wine estate is headed up by Magali and her siblings Delphine and François. Blending heritage and innovation, Figuière is a traditional winery using time-honoured methods that aspires to boldly and creatively cultivate a living legacy through novel winemaking techniques. The vineyard has the ideal growing conditions for exceptional wines as one of the sunniest places in France, located on in La Londe les Maures, between Marseille and Nice.

Finance Manager

Six Poets Chardonnay, California, USA

Six Poets Californian Chardonnay has recently become my favourite wine. It’s a very fine, crisp, and refreshing vegan white wine with oak, vanilla and aromas of freshly picked golden apples. To create a perfect and delicious meal, you can combine with fish, canapes and roast chicken. Although it’s also great on its own. Highly recommended!



Account Manager

Sacabeira Albarino, DO Rias Baixas, Iria Otero Mazoy, Spain

I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting winemaker Iria Otero Mazoy and, to confirm, she is my new favourite person ever!

Iria makes outrageously delicious wine, working with grapes indigenous to the Rias Baixas and Ribeiro region. This Albariño is what Albariño is meant to be! After a year on the lees followed by further bottle age, this cracking wine shows brioche aromas with ripe fruit and salinity, it’s full, complex, and delicious. The Sacabeira is a local salamander that can be spotted in Iria’s vineyards which can only thrive in a habitat free of chemicals and pollution. If it’s good enough for that little salamander, it’s good enough for me!  


Key Account Manager,
South West England

Bolney Brut, West Sussex, United Kingdom

It’s bubbly, it’s refreshing, it’s delicious and best of all it’s made by fellow woman in wine, the lovely Cara Lee in West Sussex. Nothing shouts spring’s coming like a glass of fizz and this one ticks all the boxes; zesty citrus fruit, elderflower and honeysuckle. Oh, and it’s from England’s most sustainable winery 2021 – what’s not to love!!



Customer Service & Sales Support Executive

Orube Seleccion de Familia, Rioja, Spain

Since I started working at Jascots last summer, I have merrily been making my way through our fantastic range of wine to find ‘my favourite’. I finally found it over Christmas in the Orube Seleccion de Familia.

Give me an oaky, vanilla-smooth Rioja and I am happy! I absolutely love cooking and am a fan of a one-pot-wonder, so this wonderfully rich and smooth red wine is the perfect match for a delicious casserole on a cosy evening in front of the fire.



Customer Service & Sales Support Manager

Brunello di Montalcino, Villa Le Prata, Tuscany, Italy

A rich red is always my go to, and this doesn’t disappoint! Super interesting with both spicey and flowery notes, giving a lovely lengthy finish. Produced by Villa Le Prata in Tuscany, a family-owned vineyard managed by the lovely Benedetta.




Customer Service & Sales Support Executive

Cuvee Florence, Domaine Les Goubert, Gigondas, Rhone Valley, France

I am a huge champion of females succeeding in any walk of life. Florence Cartier, the current wine maker of Les Goubert, is smashing it out of the park! Domaine Les Goubert’s Cuvee Florence is bold, smooth and luscious with notes of blackberry, plum and dark fruits. The flavours of oak, tobacco and leather complete the spicy and full bodied journey this wine takes you on. Paired perfectly with juicy steak, this robust wine shows Southern Rhone at its peak from a lady who is at the top of her game.

Find out more about their wines below!


Dalfarras Nero d'Avola, Victoria, Australia 2019


Tasting Notes

The bright cherry and raspberry fruits of this sit deliciously beside a…

Food Matches

Wood fire pizza, Tomato based pasta & Charcuterie


Medium Bodied Reds


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Six Poets Chardonnay, California, USA 2020

California, USA

Tasting Notes

Ripe and fruity this un-oaked Chardonnay has notes of crisp citrus and ripe…

Food Matches

Fish & Shellfish, Canapés & Roast Chicken


Crisp, Dry Whites


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Sacabeira Albarino, DO Rias Baixas, Iria Otero Mazoy, Spain 2019

Bierzo, Spain

Tasting Notes

A Galician wine shows all the hallmarks of a great Albariño. Refreshing…

Food Matches

Grilled fish, Seafood & Vegetable tempura


Rich & Complex Whites


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Mercurey Rouge Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Ninot, Côte Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France 2019

Burgundy, France

Tasting Notes

A powerful nose with red fruits, with a distinguished palate, concentrated…

Food Matches

Chicken, Mushroom dishes & Mature cheese - Beaufort


Medium Bodied Reds


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Brunello di Montalcino, Villa Le Prata, Tuscany, Italy 2013

Tuscany, Italy

Tasting Notes

An attractive red with intense wild red cherries, spicy earthiness, a hint…

Food Matches

Roast Beef / Steak, Game & Venison & Casseroles & Stews


Full & Rich Reds


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La Rosee Pineau d'Aunis, Domaine Jean-Francois Merieau, Touraine, Loire Valley, France 2020

Loire, France

Tasting Notes

Pale pink colour, with silvery tinge. This is the colour that is referred…

Food Matches

Fish tartare, Terrines & Light salads


Light, Dry Rosés


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Cuvee Florence, Domaine Les Goubert, Gigondas, Rhone Valley, France 2015

Southern Rhone, France

Tasting Notes

Quintessence of Gigondas. Dark crimson in colour, filled with flavours of…

Food Matches

Beef Stews, Blue cheese & Tajine with Plums


Robust & Spicy Reds


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Bolney Brut, West Sussex, United Kingdom NV

West Sussex, England

Tasting Notes

This wonderful English sparkling wine has creamy, bread and toasty aromas…




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